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Galactomyces Power Ampoule

Galactomyces Power Ampoule

2Sol Galactomyces Energizer

Brand: 2Sol
Weight: 50.00ml (1.76oz)
Product Code: 2SO-10260
In Stock
Price: $15.00$15.75

100% Fermentation Filtrate Galatomyces

The basis of this serum is fermented yeast filtrate, which contains large amounts of B Vitamins, A and P, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Iodine , Amino Acids. The presence of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeast-like rganisms has rejuvenating and anti-Cancer effects on skin cells. 2SOL Galactomyces Power Ampoule not only rejuvenates, but also cleans, protects, refreshes, tones and smoothes the skin. Yeast ampoule is capable of supporting dull skin, improves skin tone , leaving it smooth and healthy. It contains Fermented Yeast Fungus, Galactomyces is fighting mimic wrinkles and maintain skin tone, moisturizes.

2SOL Galactomyces Power Ampoule

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