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Sunhan Salgyeolsu Water Toner

Sunhan Salgyeolsu Water Toner

Calm Hypoallergenic Toner

Brand: 2Sol
Weight: 200.00ml (7.05oz)
Product Code: 2SO-10110
In Stock
Price: $14.50$15.23

Soothing and hypoallergenic toner.


A watery bouncy texture toner containing key ingredients Aloe vera formula, Guaiazulene, Allantoin, and Dipotassium Glycyrrizate soothe irritation and remove pore clogging debris from skin's surface.

This toner is also a properly formulated potent 200:1 (ratios) concentrate of freeze Dried Aloe Vera Leaf Powder. It means the same quality of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice 10%. The brand is eco friendly. 

Synthetic/Artificial Fragrances free. (PARABEN FREE & ALCOHOL FREE)

2SOL Sunhan Salgyeolsu Water Toner

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