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NMF Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX 10pcs 1set

NMF Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX 10pcs 1set

Full Hydrated Face Master

Brand: Mediheal
Weight: 27.00ml (0.95oz)
Product Code: MDH-30110
In Stock
Price: $18.00$18.90

The NMF in the N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask stands for Natural Moisture Factor which helps provide abundant moisture to your skin and keeps it moisturized.

The thirst of your dry skin is resolved through active water system such as the Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide that excels when it comes to the Natural Moisturizing Factor(N.M.F.) as well as the moisturizing effect of LS886 and witch hazel, which have, which have the effect of tightening loosened pores by adjusting the sebum and the pores.

Mediheal NMF Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX 10pcs 1set

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