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Aloe Vera 80% Emulsion

Aloe Vera 80% Emulsion

Aloe Soothing Moisturizer

Brand: Nature Republic
Weight: 160.00ml (5.64oz)
Product Code: NAR-10430
In Stock
Price: $6.98$7.35

Aloe Vera 80% Emulsion formulated with 80% Natural Aloe Vera effectively soothes and moisturizes the skin. 

Water based toner formulated with Aloe Vera leaves, 80% Aloe Vera extract ingredients, Provides moisture, hydration and soothing, harvested in California, CCOF certified. Aloe vera, the sun's friend who like the bright sunlight of the tropical desert and high temperature, has strong regeneration capabilities that can instantly heal injuries on the surface of leaves.

The world's best organic Aloe Vera from California has life energy that soothes skin irritated by the hot sun and provides moisture to skin.

naturerepublic Aloe Vera 80%  Emulsion

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