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Collagen Dream 70 Essence

Collagen Dream 70 Essence

Rejuvenates skin cells and stimulates natural collagen production

Brand: Nature Republic
Weight: 40.00ml (1.41oz)
Product Code: NAR-NJ009
In Stock
Price: $19.90$20.95

Nature Republic Collagen Dream contains 70% marine-collagen, which helps inner and outer skin retain higher level of collagen. It also contains extract of pure Hawaii Kona deep sea and Acai palm, which consist of massive polyphenol. 
With these highly effective ingredients, the Nature Republic Collagen Dream helps to keep your skin moisture, elastic and healthy. 
ACAI BERRY : The Northern Brazil Acai Berry has been introduced to the world as one of Superfood’s ingredients. 
The Acai Berry contains Vitamin E, an effective ingredient for healthy skin. 
ESSENCE : Contains 70% of Marine Collagen and 400mg of Acai Berry.

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