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  • isoi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Tonic Essence (Rose Tonic) 130ml
    Bulgarian Rose Oil and whitening ingredients penetrate into the skin quickly, so it makes darkish skin to be bright skin. Mild and safety tonic even sensitive skin can use in relieved. ..
    $59.00 $61.95
  • Nature Republic California Aloe Vera 74 Cooling Eye Serum
    Cleansing Massage cream that removes skin impurities with soft and whipping-cream-like texture. ..
    $14.36 $15.12
  • Vant365 Camellia Inner Oil
    Camellia seed oil is rich in vitamins A,B, D and known for skin-identical ingredients for quick absorb and increase skin’s ability to balance pH level without breakouts.   ..
    $49.00 $51.45
  • Nature Republic Cell Boosting Emusion
    Nature Republic’s Cell Boosting line is a set of premium cosmetics made to revitalize skin elasticity, skin clarity and skin vitality. An active ingredient of Neofinetia Falcata Callus Culture Extract works for radiant and brighter skin. ​ Five different kinds of fermented mushrooms such as G..
    $24.94 $26.25
  • Nature Republic Cell Boosting Essential Skin
    Nature Republic's Cell Boosting line is a set of premium cosmetics made to revitalize skin elasticity, skin clarity and skin vitality. An active ingredient of Neofinetia Falcata Callus Culture Extract works for radiant and brighter skin. Five different kinds of fermented mushrooms such as Ganoderm..
    $24.94 $26.25
  • Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Cream 1.5Fl.
    Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Cream. The lightweight cream with the power of microcapsule Ceramides hydrates the skin barrier from within, preventing chronic water loss. Dry, rough skin instantly becomes plumped with all-day, time-release moisture. It enhances the skin’s natural strength and function f..
    $41.00 $43.05
  • Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid
    A powerful serum that keeps skin moisturised all day, taking away dullness and injecting a hydrated, healthy glow. The serum acts as a liquid cushion that strengthens and protects skin barrier from chronic water loss with the power of ceramides. Benefits are Ceramide 3 provides time-release moist..
    $28.43 $29.85
  • Tony Moly Cherry Mini Lip Balm SPF15
    Packaged in a cute cherry shell, the Cherry Mini Berry Lip Balm is infused with sweet cherry, blackberry, cranberry, strawberry, and raspberry extracts. This moisturizing balm brings a shiny and kissable coral tint to your lips. Its sweet cherry scent will make your day. ..
    $6.00 $6.30
  • The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisture Recharge Cream
    A moisturizing cream with freshly germinated chia seeds in water drops fully hydrate the skin appearance. The moisturizing cream for fully hydrated skin. A refreshing water drop that busts the moment it touches the skin fully hydrates the skin and moisturizes the inside of the skin for an extend..
    $15.00 $15.75
  • The Face Shop Chia Seed Water 100 Toner
    A moisturizing toner for hydrating inside the skin with organically grown Chia seeds. The moisturizing toner that instantly hydrates the skin. Tones dry and patchy dead skin cells and moisturizes the skin as if water is absorbed. The natural moisture drop absorbing moisture 10 times its own weigh..
    $14.00 $14.70
  • Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Cream Derma Green Cure Solution
    Rest & cure solution for irritated skin. Soothing and improve damaged skin. Recovery cream for sensitive skin. Centella Asiatica Extract is used for its smoothing, calming and purifying properties. ..
    $55.00 $57.75
  • Nature Republic Collagen Dream 70 Cream
    Collagen Dream contains by Nature Republic 70% marinecollagen, which helps inner/outer skin retain higher level of collagen. Key ingredients are Extract of pure Hawaii Kona Deep Sea and Acai palm, which consist of massive polyphenol. These highly effective ingredients, Nature Republic Collagen ..
    $26.92 $28.34

Korean Skincare always leaves your skin perfectly moisturized, refreshed, and balanced!  

We are an incredible and reliable pioneer of Korean Finest Natural, Eco-friendly and Anti-Ageing Skincare products. Everything you need to know about Korean Natural Skincare Cosmetics at LICLIS.com

We are constantly being told that, we love how Koreans take care of their skin, somewhat in a way of Western routines, to another level. Skincare in Korea is a complicated and exhaustive multi-step process, a fact which seems to have sparked a ton of intrigue, recently. To outsiders looking in, the “million-step” Korean skincare regimen sounds a bit extreme or akward, but it all boils down to cleansing, exfoliating, treating, intensely moisturizing and applying plenty of SPF during the day. Koreans have an extreme relationship with the Sun? Would it be if we came across someone(or Koreans) smearing thick, white, pasty zinc oxide on your nose or all over their face? Korean Skincare is really a part of Korean culture. Indeed, Korean brighter skin looks younger and more refreshed :-)