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  • Nature Republic Collagen Dream 70 Emulsion
    Nature Republic Collagen Dream contains 70% Marine Collagen, which helps inner/outer skin retain higher level of collagen. Key ingredients are pure Hawaill Kona Deep Sea and 1,500mg of Acai palm, which consist of massive polyphenol. Nature Republic Collagen Dream helps to keep your skin moist, el..
    $35.29 $37.15
  • Nature Republic Collagen Dream 70 Essence
    Nature Republic Collagen Dream contains 70% marine-collagen, which helps inner and outer skin retain higher level of collagen. It also contains extract of pure Hawaii Kona deep sea and Acai palm, which consist of massive polyphenol.  With these highly effective ingredients, the Nature Republic..
    $19.90 $20.95
  • 2Sol Duna Repairing Ampoule
    Review here: www.liclis.com A tiger on the package, think that the composition of 2Sol Duna Repairing Ampoule containing substances of animal origin, so fortunately it is not. In this " Tiger serum" the key ingredient is an extract from Centella Asiatica Extract, which in Asia is called "Tiger H..
    $19.50 $20.48
  • 2Sol Elixir Propolis Serum
    2Sol is such a no-nonnsense, function-first brand. Propolis with a dash of masgic is a lot to live up to. Propolis Extract (10%), Beta-Glucan, and Madecassoside soothes sensitive skin and hyaluronic acid makes skin moist. ..
    $17.50 $18.38
  • 2Sol Galactomyces Power Ampoule
    100% Fermentation Filtrate Galatomyces The basis of this serum is fermented yeast filtrate, which contains large amounts of B Vitamins, A and P, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Iodine , Amino Acids. The presence of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeast-like rganisms has rejuvenating and anti-Cancer effects on skin..
    $15.00 $15.75
  • Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream
    This premium Watery Cream contains red ginseng extract, royal jelly with silk amino acids that intense skin nourishment and moisture. ​ At the last step of daily day and night skin care, apply an appropriate amount of product on the face and neck area and gently pat for absorption. Ginseng Ro..
    $41.90 $44.10
  • Nature Republic Greek Yogurt Pack #02 BlueBerry
    Creamy Yogurt face pack maintains skin balance and nutrient in your skin in order to increase skin elasticity and whitening. Makes your skin moisturized and vitalized. ​Natural Republic Greek yogurt consists of yogurt extracts that are affective for skins which adds moisture and nutrition to..
    $15.59 $16.41
  • Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion
    A gentle moisturizing lotion with eco-friendly Jeju fresh green tea to moisturize the skin. ..
    $14.36 $15.08
  • Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin
    A liquid toner made with eco-friendly Jeju green tea to moisturize the skin. ..
    $12.72 $13.36
  • Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream
    Green Tea Seed Cream is antioxidant-infused cream made with Jeju green tea seeds for deep hydration and nourishment. ..
    $17.45 $18.32
  • Innisfree Green Tea Seed Deep Cream
    This moisture cream with Jeju eco-friendly green tea seed ingredient is formulated to provide excellent moisturizing + anti-oxidant effects to your skin. ..
    $21.00 $22.05
  • Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
    A moisturizing & nourishing serum with organic green tea seeds from Jeju to fill the skin with suppleness and clarity. ..
    $21.00 $22.05

Korean Skincare always leaves your skin perfectly moisturized, refreshed, and balanced!  

We are an incredible and reliable pioneer of Korean Finest Natural, Eco-friendly and Anti-Ageing Skincare products. Everything you need to know about Korean Natural Skincare Cosmetics at LICLIS.com

We are constantly being told that, we love how Koreans take care of their skin, somewhat in a way of Western routines, to another level. Skincare in Korea is a complicated and exhaustive multi-step process, a fact which seems to have sparked a ton of intrigue, recently. To outsiders looking in, the “million-step” Korean skincare regimen sounds a bit extreme or akward, but it all boils down to cleansing, exfoliating, treating, intensely moisturizing and applying plenty of SPF during the day. Koreans have an extreme relationship with the Sun? Would it be if we came across someone(or Koreans) smearing thick, white, pasty zinc oxide on your nose or all over their face? Korean Skincare is really a part of Korean culture. Indeed, Korean brighter skin looks younger and more refreshed :-)