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Pore Care Brightening Glacier Cream

Pore Care Brightening Glacier Cream

Extreme Tightening Moisturizer

Brand: Swanicoco
Weight: 50.00ml (1.76oz)
Product Code: SWA-10310
In Stock
Price: $24.41$25.63

This cream contains Alaska Ice Water with Rich Mineral which provides cooling effect to skin, forms moisture barrier over the skin and promotes soft skin texture and Xylitol can control the production of sebum allowing you to achieve soft skin.

Witch hazel water and Bamboo extract for repairing your skin texture and giving glow to skin. Nicotinamide (vitamin B3) for skin anti-inflammatory and Adenosine for skin metabolism, elasticity & anti-wrinkle.

swanicoco Pore Care Brightening Glacier Cream

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